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Sixty scholars and priests issue ‘correction’ of Pope Francis

The signatories say that, while they do not accuse the Pope of the sin of heresy, his actions have helped doctrinal errors to spread

Sixty-two scholars and priests issue ‘correction’ of Pope Francis

The signatories say that, while they do not accuse the Pope of the sin of heresy, his actions have helped doctrinal errors to spread

VIDEO: Fr Stanley Rother becomes first US-born martyr to be beatified

Fr Rother was killed by a death squad in Guatemala in 1981

Pope Francis strongly criticises Catholics who refuse to accept migrants

The Pope said he was concerned about ‘signs of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia’ in Europe

Irish hotel cancels pro-life conference after ‘intimidation’

The Ashling Hotel cancelled the event due to ‘health and safety’ after online abuse and threats of protest

Hundreds of doctors rebel over plan to back abortion on demand

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is to vote on ‘decriminalising’ abortion

Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/09/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Priests guilty of abuse will have no right to appeal, Pope says

The Pope admitted he made a mistake softening the sentence of an abuser priest

Santa Maria Novella: here’s what you need to know

Santa Maria Novella hosts Theresa May’s Brexit speech on Friday

Catalan bishops call for calm as Spain cracks down on independence vote

Protests are becoming increasingly angry after Spain declared a forthcoming independence vote illegal

Bishop Schneider: priests must resist pressure on Communion for remarried

Bishop Schneider said that priests should ‘lovingly and respectfully’ tell their superiors that they cannot abandon the Church’s perennial teaching

French cardinal in court on charges of not reporting historical abuse

The Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Barbarin, will attend court, alongside six other priests

Bishop pleads for aid after ‘serious disaster’ of Mexico earthquake

Bishop Castro said there is a ‘great deal of solidarity, thank God, but it is not enough’


Are the Tories about to betray Catholic voters?

The government could be about to ditch its commitment to scrap the faith schools admissions cap

Brother René Stockman: Why I am fighting euthanasia in our order’s hospitals

The board which runs our hospitals say that euthanasia can be compassionate. Their arguments are both false and arrogant

The philosopher admired by Pope John and TS Eliot

A review of Not Yet the Twilight by Josef Pieper

Analysis: What the Pope’s new approach to abuse cases will mean

The mooted reforms could strengthen the Vatican’s response to abuse – as long as the canonical process is respected

Want to know what conservatism really is? Try this admirable book

Sir Roger Scruton reflects on conservatism rather than attacking socialism and liberalism

How Angela Merkel and Pope Francis are reshaping the world

The Pope and the chancellor want a more ‘humanised’ globalism. But could this backfire?

My visit to the scene of a martyrdom

The room where Fr Stanley Rother was killed is a spine-tinglingly holy place

Cardinal Sarah says we shouldn’t pray with our phones. I’m not so sure

There are risks, but many Catholics find electronic devices helpful

Why Hollywood turned against Catholic priests

Once they were heroes; now filmmakers depict them as bitter men

Vulnerable young people: victims of the sexual revolution

Authorities turned a blind eye in Rotherham because they thought the relationships might be ‘consensual’

Could Russia abandon Syria? It’s happened before

Russia wants us to think Syria is returning to normality. The reality is somewhat different.

In the US, even the left love Rees-Mogg

Even a left-wing public radio station is enthralled by this ‘son of a lord’ who ‘sounds like a character out of Downton Abbey’