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Pope Francis prays for Charlie Gard as parents end legal fight

'The Holy Father asks that we join in prayer that they may find God's consolation and love,' the Vatican said in a statement

Pope Francis prays for Charlie Gard as parents end legal fight

‘The Holy Father asks that we join in prayer that they may find God’s consolation and love,’ the Vatican said in a statement

Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/07/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Charlie Gard’s parents end fight to save terminally ill baby’s life

The parents made their decision following the latest medical reports and scans

Equalities Minister: churches should ‘keep up’ with same-sex marriage

Justine Greening, who is also Education Secretary, said major faiths should follow public opinion on the subject

British government plans to make it easier to change legal gender

Equalities Minister Justine Greening says people will no longer need a diagnosis of gender dysphoria

Government ‘on the verge of dropping Catholic schools promise’

The Government had promised to abolish an ‘admissions cap’ that forces new Catholic schools to violate Canon Law

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Chinese official says Beijing will keep tight grip on Church

Church leaders asked to ensure the ‘Sinicisation of religion’

After protests over Satanic monument, city removes all religious symbols from memorial

An atheist group invited a Satanic Temple to put up the monument as an act of provocation

Transport minister: Benedict XVI was right about relativism

John Hayes said that we have ‘lost our faith in beauty, because we have lost our faith in ideals’

Catholic group sends 15 Virgin Mary statues to Iraq to replace ones destroyed by ISIS

A French Catholic group has sent the new statues from Lourdes to Erbil, where they will be carried through the streets in procession

A stag do in Edinburgh gets off to an unusual start – with Mass at the city’s cathedral

The groom, a student from Glasgow, said it was a great way to prepare for marriage


Like him or not, Richard Dawkins has a right to offend

The professor has been given a free pass on Christianity, yet is ‘no-platformed’ over Islam

How can we teach the sadly neglected Athanasian Creed? – I have a novel idea

The Athanasian Creed includes the most useful statement of the orthodox understanding of the Trinity we have

Traditionalists reject Cardinal Sarah’s liturgical reconciliation plan – but that’s not a problem

What matters most is the enrichment of the Novus Ordo, which can happen independently of any changes to the Old Rite

In the Communion debate, the cogent arguments are all on one side

The arguments against the Church’s perennial teaching are not impressive

The heart-rending dilemmas of an atheist brain surgeon

Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh finds it difficult having to ‘play God’, but also says the human mind is ‘as great a mystery as the universe itself’

Why Cardinal Sarah’s liturgical ‘reconciliation’ plan won’t work

The cardinal’s plan is well intentioned, but the new lectionary and calendar would be too confusing if applied to the Old Rite

The cycling legend and devout Catholic who risked his life to protect Jews

Gino Bartali won the Tour de France twice and defied Mussolini. He also helped a cardinal to save Jewish lives in the 1940s

Can Catholics still create great art? One man is showing the way

Maltese artist Manuel Farrugia shows we shouldn’t write off Catholic art just yet

What Father Brown can teach us about the Ten Commandments

Detective stories are generally seen as leisure reading for a mind at rest; not so this new compilation from Ignatius Press

Is it too easy to become a saint?

Critics say that a new path to canonisation lowers the bar, but it is less revolutionary than they think

These two books on gay Catholics are a missed opportunity

Fr James Martin and Daniel Mattson miss out some of the main struggles facing LGBT Catholics

Conservative Anglicans are close to despair. Is the CofE about to split?

As an Anglican, I used to think theological liberalism was on the wane. Not any more