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Don’t believe all the Catholic hype on May

At ncregister.com, Joanna Bogle examined Michael Gove’s claim (reported in last week’s Herald) that Theresa May is the “first Catholic prime minister”. It’s true, Bogle wrote, that May’s Anglo-Catholicism “might shock some of the Protestant establishment of previous centuries”. And her conservatism is clearly one which “associates itself with concern for the poor and marginalised”.

But in other areas – notably her support for same-sex marriage – “her Toryism and her Anglicanism are of a kind that belong very much to the present era rather than to the Catholic social teachings of Leo XIII and St John Paul II.”

Nonetheless, most Catholics probably see May as a safe pair of hands. They also “share May’s patriotism and her sense of obligation to the community and the common good.”

Breaking the power of the smartphone

At aleteia.org, Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble discussed a few ways to moderate your smartphone use during Lent – and maybe beyond. One is to “enforce phone-free zones”: “Try placing a basket in the middle of your dining-room table and put your phones in it when you eat with family or friends. Most of us know there is really no excuse to use phones at the table. Don’t judge those who do, just set a good example, and come to agreements with those you live with so everyone is on the same page.”

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