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Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – letters, reviews, news, extra comment and features – is not available online. This week, we reveal the letters written by Cardinal Newman to a young nun dying of tuberculosis; John Cornwell defends his latest book, Newman’s Unquiet Grave; and Conservative minister Greg Clark argues that it’s time for the Government to stop getting in the way. Plus, Stuart Reid discovers that Christopher Hitchens actually doesn’t mind people praying for him.

Bishops of the Philippines find novel way to teach faith

Anna Arco visits the thriving Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in Cornwall who follow an arduous daily routine of work and prayer

L’Osservatore Romano praises film’s creative ambition

Scripture readings for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms

Angelo Stagnaro arrives weary but elated at Santiago de Compostela after a mentally and physically taxing journey

Bishop Daly, a Bloody Sunday survivor, tells Rory Fitzgerald that Northern Ireland needs a truth and reconciliation commission

Bishop Malcolm McMahon will be joined by media spokesman Jack Valero and Fr Stephen Wang, dean of studies at Allen Hall

European Commission hosts summit of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders

Two brothers charged with distributing anti-Islamic pamphlets are killed as they arrive in court